Knights Templar C of E and Methodist Community First School and Little Vikings Nursery


Mrs McLaughlin
Year 3 - Cherry Class
Summer Term 2017

Our topic for the summer term is Rainforests.  We will be looking at where rainforests are commonly found in the world and try to give some reasons for this. Children will be looking at the types of plants that grow in the rainforest and consider how the amount of sunlight and rain they can receive may affect their appearance. We will also be thinking carefully about who relies on the rainforests and what implications it may have on different groups of people if it is not properly cared for.

We will continue to write amazing poetry and build on our story writing by learning how to add suspense through detail, word choices and punctuation.

In art, we are focussing on creating mood through colour choice and shading. We will also experiment with creating our own tribal art to convey meanings as tribal art used to do.

There are lots of different websites that you can use to support your child’s learning, including: fun games to practise phonics and spelling  Great for number facts, especially times tables and division good for number work  Lots of maths games lots of information on rainforests.

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