Knights Templar C of E and Methodist Community First School and Little Vikings Nursery


Mrs Bradford
Years 1 & 2 - Maple Class
Autumn Term 2017

Across all of our learning we will be incorporating our school driver which is:

Be the best you can be with a zest for living, 
a thirst for learning and a spirit of kindness

We want to encourage the children to be:

  • Independent
  • Able to ask questions
  • aspirational
  • enthusiastic

Covering across all of our learning we will be using RACER which is our growth mind-set skills helping children to see the skills and attitudes that they need to be successful learners.

Resilient Rat,
Adventurous Ant
Curious Cat
Empathetic Elephant
Reflective Rabbit

For the first part of the term, the whole school will be enjoying a project on dragons, developing story telling/writing, creative work, model making, art work, poetry – culminating in a whole school display in the main corridor.

In our first term, we will be looking at the poem ‘If I had Wings’. This is a poem that we will relate to our whole school theme of dragons. We will look closely at the vocabulary and make sure we know what the words mean and can use them in our own writing. We will learn the poem as a class using actions to help us remember it so that we can substitute the adjectives for our own amazing word choices.

Later in the term, we will be looking at The Rainbow Fish. We will be learning the story and re-writing it, remembering capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and using interesting adjectives to help bring our stories alive. We will also be thinking about the author’s message to the reader and to develop our skills of imagination. The Rainbow Fish is about making friends and learning to share so we will be linking it to our PSHE. The story also links with our school’s core values. We will use The Rainbow Fish to help us write an information text on sea creatures.

We will be having a word of the day to extend the children’s range of vocabulary. Please support your child at home by reading with them as often as you can through books, signs, packages and packets, place names anywhere where there is the written word.

We will be working on spelling through phonics. The children will be following the Phonics Bug programme where they will progress through the units. Each unit will focus on specific sounds, blending letters and sounds, and learning core words for their age expected outcomes.  We will look at spelling patterns, letter blends with the same sounds, such as ay and ai, and word families, as well as word decoding skills for spelling and reading.

This term we will be focusing on number and the importance of place value confidence. We will work on place value by making sure we know what each digit in a number represents. Year 1s will be counting up in ones and tens to 100. Year 2s will be counting up in ones, twos and fives up to 100. We will be using different apparatus to help us with this including diennes and bead strings. The Year 2s will start learning their two times tables this term by learning to count up in two’s first then introducing the number sentences.

We will also be using apparatus to help us confidently subtract and add. The Year 2s will be adding one and two digit numbers together. The Year 1s will be focusing on adding one digit numbers together and one more/less. To support the children with their calculation work they will learn to draw the apparatus instead of physically using them before relying solely on the written methods. The Year 1 children will be focusing on their number bonds to 10. The Year 2 children will be focusing on their number bonds to 20.

Later in the term we will be looking at different graphs such as pictograms and answering questions about them.

Our focus will be on “Healthy Bodies” and we will be exploring how to make the right choices and to keep our bodies healthy through the food we eat and exercise. We will look at the importance of personal care such as brushing teeth and washing. We will also think about keeping ourselves safe when we are away from school. After half term we will be looking at “the world” using maps, atlases, IT and books to learn about the different continents and countries and to begin to make links between similarities and differences with the UK and our own locality.

Art and Design:
We will be looking at the work of Van Gogh, encouraging the children to explore their own opinions and reactions to the artist’s work, and create their own original pieces based on the style of Van Gogh, working in 2 and 3D. We will be working individually and cooperatively with others. We will evaluate our own work and think of ways to improve our designs. We will be working on fine and gross motor skills. To help children understand colour families we will be creating our own colour wheels. We will use our knowledge of mixing colours to create a sea-scape using watercolour paints. We will also be creating our own Rainbow Fish using collage of different materials. To link with our topic of dragons, children will have a say in what art they would like to do. This may include making something from clay or junk modelling, or painting or creating something dragon related such as paw prints. 

Our RE topic is ‘Who Are We?’ Through different stories we will be learning to celebrate diversity while recognising the similarities between all different groups of people. We will think about who and what is special to us and if that is the same for other people. Using circle time, children will talk about the people closest to them at home and what makes them special. We will also discuss different emotions people may have and how they make us feel, if some emotions make us feel better than others, and if it is ok to feel these emotions. Discussions will be had about what things can make us feel a certain way and what we can do to have a positive impact on someone else’s emotions. We will be sharing Bible stories and looking at the messages that we can take from them to help us be good citizens and to appreciate other peoples’ opinions and values and to have a sense of forgiveness.

It will take place every Monday. We will be following the Real PE programme that allows the children to focus on key physical skills. This will incorporate multi ability skills: physical, social, personal, health and fitness, cognitive and creative. By completing this programme the children will have all of their core skills. Throughout the year we will be exploring ball games, developing ball control, throwing, catching, kicking as individual players and as well as team players. We will share the importance of working together, why we have rules, fairness and of healthy competition. Please can the children bring warm jogging bottoms and a hoody so that we can have outdoor PE throughout the year when it is dry. Please can all PE kit be named.

The children will continue to develop their knowledge and awareness of online safety. We will be exploring different topics which will encourage them to question what they read online and understand that not everything is true.  Within our lessons we will remind the children what they can do if something happens when using technology which worries them. We feel it is vital that they are confident enough to share their worries and seek help so that they can feel safe. This will also be promoted with the weekly E-safety log which will go round to all the classes on a Friday and provide the children with the opportunity to share any worries/concerns they may have.

The children will as a class create a set of agreed rules for how to keep themselves safe when using technology both in school and at home. These rules will form the first part of the children working towards their Gigabyte online safety award. To achieve this award the children will need to display confident knowledge and understanding of how to keep themselves safe online, what to do if something happens and computing skills in line with the curriculum.

All children will be following a programme of study which focuses on five areas: programming, handling data, technology in our lives, multimedia and e-safety. This term we will be focusing on programming and multimedia.

If you feel that you could offer time in school by supporting us on trips or reading and sharing stories with the children, then please come and have a chat with us. A DBS check will be required in-line with safeguarding procedure.  Thank you.



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